Q:  What Equipment Do You Use And Why?

A:   We use nikon gear… for the best sharpening and colorful picture.


Camera Bodies:

  • bodies of nikon d3s
  • canon  5d mark ii for trash the dress shooting underwater


  • nikon lens 14-24mm f2/.8
  • nikon lens 35mm f2
  • nikon lens 50mm f1.4
  • the new 85mm  f1.4 nikon lens
  • nikon lens 105 mm f2.8 micro
  • nikon lens 135mm f2
  • canon lens 20mm f2.8
  • canon lens 85mm f1.8

Underwater equipment:

  • Ikelite Housing for Canon 5D MARK II
  • gopro


  • Canon 580 EXII
  • nikon sb800
  • nikon sb700
  • nikon sb28

Q:  At what time do you arrive on the day of the wedding?

A:  In the summer I arrive at 3:30 pm, and in the winter I arrive at 2:00 pm.


Q:  At what time do I need to schedule the makeup artist?

A:  In the summer by 3:30 pm you should be in the process of getting your makeup done, and in winter by 2.00 pm you should be towards the end of getting your makeup done.


Q:  Do you photograph the whole organization and preparation on the day of the wedding?

A:  We do not start photographing before the makeup is almost done. Then we start the shooting the whole preparation process.


Q:  Is there enough time for outdoor shooting?

A:  There is plenty of time if we stick to this schedule. In any ways, during the summer we can not start shooting before 5:30 pm due to the very strong sunlight.


Q:  Do you come by yourself for the pre-wedding photos?

A:  No, I arrive with the whole crew in order for you to have several shooting angles and also to help with the studio equipment.


Q:  Do you use studio equipment?

A:  Yes, I do use studio equipment for the outdoor photo session, the family photos Hupa ceremony and the party.


Q:  Where do you do the outdoor photo shoot?

A:  I like to come when I know exactly where the outdoor photography will take place. We discuss the different location options several days prior to the wedding.


Q:  Do you have insurance?

A:  I certainly do. I have a very good insurance policy that covers professional and third party liability.


Q:  I am interested in ‘Trash the Dress’ photos. When can we do them?

We can do the ‘Trash the Dress’ shooting before or after the wedding. If you would like to do it after the wedding, we can use your original wedding dress.

If however you would rather do it prior to the day of the wedding, you can get a dress through e-Bay for about $150-100, and then we can really trash it!


Q: Where do you do the Trash the Dress shooting?

Trash the Dress photography is basically fashion photography. I would be happy to discuss your preferences.


Q: What time do you start shooting Trash the Dress?

It depends on the concept you choose. It can be in the morning or in the afternoon.


Q: Do you work outside of Israel?

A:  Yes, of course.


Q:  I would like to have pregnancy photography done. However, I would rather have a woman photographer. What is your solution in this case?

A:  Please take a look at Ravit Perry’s pregnancy photographs on our website.  www.yanivsofer.com


Q:  What equipment do you use for video?

A:  We are past the period of using big heavy cameras. We now use professional DSLR cameras, 5D Mark II. With these cameras we connect a wireless device to the DJ in order to capture the best sound.


Q:  Do we have to arrange a meeting with you?

A:  No… If you like what you see, and you have all the answers you were looking for through the website and over the phone, you are welcome to sign and return the contract by e-mail (weddings@yanivsofer.com) and confirm by telephone, Israel  052-311-0311, from overseas +972-52-311-0311.


Q:  How many albums do we receive?

A:  One big album for the couple, two smaller ones for the two sets of parents, and one special album for the bride.


Q:  Is the Trash the Dress photo session also recorded on video?

A:  Yes, it is also possible to have underwater video.


Q:  Time Schedule of Delivery


Video: 45 days after receiving your song selections for the soundtrack.

Photos: We furnish all of the photographs on a CD or Memory Stick the day after the wedding.

Album Design: 10 days after receiving your selection of photos, you will receive the album design by e-mail for your review and approval.

Final Albums: 10 days after approving the design.